ERM paper recycling allows for the materials used in the process of making paper to be pulped and made into recycled paper and other products.


Plastic recycling keeps harmful materials out of landfills, helping the environment and encourages businesses to develop new and innovative products made from waste. We grind down plastics to be turned into PET pellets which can be made into new products such as clothing, shoes, containers, and more!


Streetlight recycling is taking the nation by storm. Streetlights are being replaced across the country with new LED lights, but what happens to the old clunky lights? That’s where ERM comes in and recycles them! We have already recycled hundreds of thousands of streetlights throughout the United States.

Product Destruction

We have the capability to destroy faulty products and recycle the materials, eliminating waste. That old suitcase, damaged hanger, or other product that you returned back to the store or manufacturer… we recycle it! We’ve got you covered. Some products that we currently recycle include: Sleep apnea machines, luggage, segway, and more!

Check it out! Outdated gas pipe being recycled into a new product

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