Evolve Resource Management is a Dependable Partner for all Your Plastic and Paper Recycling Needs

“With [Evolve’s] consultation and testing services, we routinely identify new [recyclable] materials to divert from landfills. This has allowed us to establish new processes that lower our carbon footprint and meet our landfill avoidance target.”

-EHS Manager & Warehouse Supervisor, ICU Medical


Removing millions of pounds of plastic from the trash stream each year


We partner with companies looking to lessen their carbon footprint. We are also able to offer a Certificate of Destruction when applicable to our partners

Added Value

Minimizing the need for virgin plastic by giving the plastic another life


By reducing waste, our recycling also conserves natural resources and transforms materials usually sent to landfills into useful products. This, in return, enhances the long run sustainability of the biosphere

Circular Economy

Recycling plastics into new materials to sell and reuse and to recycle again


We shred and toll grind > 20 million pounds of plastic per year that may otherwise wind up in landfills across the US

Meet the Team

John Wood

Co-Owner & CEO

With more than 30 years of experience in the recycling industry, John currently owns and operates Evolve Resource Management. John also sits on many boards in the recycling and manufacturing industry and he enjoys implementing state-of-the-art recycling techniques into his own business. Outside of work, John enjoys snowmobiling and playing with his dog, Tuukka.

Katie McNabb

Marketing & New Business Development

Excited to join the team, Katie brings a vantage point from the marketing world to the table. Katie primarily works on marketing as well as new business development. Outside of work Katie enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her tri-color corgi, Miss Louie. 🙂

Shawn Slattery

Shawn Slattery

Co-Owner & President

From recycling everything he touches to learning how to separate and process materials at his demolition company, SMS Services, Inc., Shawn eats, breathes, and sleeps recycling. With more than 30 years of production and management experience, he leads ERM's strategic course. Shawn is also an active animal rights activist. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and sailing.

Charlie Slattery

Currently studying Business at Suffolk University, Charlie brings new viewpoints to the company. He works on our website and branding, planning warehouse procedures and layout, and helps with equipment sourcing and transportation. Charlie brings excellent critical thinking and problem solving to the team. When Charlie isn't working or studying he likes to hangout with his friends in Boston.

Jessica Cocozziello

Vice President of Operations

Before joining the team, Jessica spent over 7 years in the market research industry helping customers better understand their target markets and competitors strategies. She brings to the team her knack for understanding people and trends and combines that with her ability to evaluate and analyze strategies. When she's not working, you can find her with her family and her daughter, Everly, hanging out with her yellow lab, Blaze, or at the beach with a good book.

Communities & Awards

Humane Society
Arbor Day Foundation
Defenders of Wildlife
Sustainable Forestry Initiative