Overview and History


Adirondack Plastics and Recycling Inc. (ADK) has been integral in the plastics recycling industry over the past 30+ years. With the industry ever changing, ADK strives to raise the bar higher and higher.

ADK, located in Argyle, New York, was acquired by Evolve Resource Management in 2019. With ADK’s highly trained staff, they have and are able to provide any and all necessary services required to disassemble and prepare plastics to be ground and recycled. ADK can provide detailed service to accommodate any customers needs whether that be financial, statistical or other reporting required. ADK is here to serve you.

Services and Capabilities

Services and capabilities are constantly evolving with the everchanging recycling standards and landscape. ADK’s services are, but are not limited to:

Toll Processing
Plastic Shredding & Grinding
Paper Recycling
Metal Recycling

Plastic Sorting
Wash Line
Sink Float Separation

Industries We Service


ADK serves several industries and is always expanding its network. Currently, ADK works with Packaging Companies, Food Manufacturers, Toy Manufacturers and others. In addition, ADK also services large Distribution Centers. 

Circular Economy

ADK recycles both Commodity Grade and Engineering Grade plastics and is proud to help create a more circular economy for plastics by cleaning, shredding and selling the regrind to be made into new products. While the future of recycling is unknown, we do know that ADK’s system is resilient and is constantly keeping up with new demand and modes of recycling.