Our Approach

Evolve Resource Management (ERM) takes pride in the ability to recycle what, historically was not possible: mixed plastics and trash. ERM devotes time and energy into improving the environment by collecting mixing plastics, cleaning up our oceans, and taking part in landfill reclamation. We use our own processing technology to grind and clean plastics before using fusion molding to combine plastic pellets with short fibers to create products. Recycling is meaningful to all of us at ERM as we work to create a better, more sustainable, tomorrow.

Our Story

With over 100 years of combined experience in the recycling industry, we found a gap in the market: figuring out how new materials can be recycled and made sustainable. As technology in the world advances, so does our recycling plants.

Meet the Team

Our team is ready to work with you to create a recycling solution that best fits your business’s vision and budget. We’re driven by our passion for creating new and innovative recycling solutions.

John Wood


John has more than 30 years of experience in the recycling business and is very excited and motivated to help the environment while improving the lives of others through his works in recycling. John sits on many boards in the recycling and manufacturing industry and is known for implementing state of the art recycling techniques.

Shawn Slattery


 From recycling everything he touches to learning how to separate and process materials at his demolition company, SMS Services, Inc., Shawn eats, breathes, and sleeps recycling. Shawn brings a tough management style with an emphasis on efficiency. To ERM he brings his 33 years of production and management experience, he leads ERM’s strategic course.

John Aspland

Manager of Plastics Divison

  With our recent acquisition of Adirondack Plastics, John Aspland joins our team! John is skilled in negotiation, business planning, operations management, and has an extensive history in the plastics industry. John also previously spent time in the US Army as a Captain and Helicopter Pilot in South Korea and Germany. John is a great asset to our team and brings a lot of entrepreneurial spirit and plastics knowledge along with him!

Katelyn Wood

Vice President of Marketing & Product Development

Working primarily on the streetlight projects, Katelyn assists the team in maintaining and obtaining streetlight contracts. Katelyn is also in charge of all social media, marketing, and product development for ERM. 

Charles Slattery

Vice President

Charles uses his innovation and creative energy to search for new markets for the company’s expansion. He analyses ERM’s options on commodity sales to generate increased revenues.

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